Pyramid Scheme Vs. Legitimate Direct Selling – There is a Difference

ACN Pyramid Scheme

ACN, Inc. Changes the Conversation in Powerful, Eye-Opening Video

Concord, NC (March 30, 2017) – ACN, Inc., the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business, is addressing one of the biggest challenges in the direct selling industry head on for the first time in a powerful video designed to educate people on what ACN and the direct selling industry are really about. And more importantly, what they aren’t.

Unlocked Devices Versus Universal Devices – There is a Difference


Understand the Difference. Educate Your Customers. Make the Most of Flash Wireless.

A Special Blog Post from Jim Patterson, VP and General Manager of Flash Wireless

Hello ACN! My top priority is to make our customers’ experience with Flash Wireless second to none. And to help accomplish that goal, my team and I are committed to arming you, the IBOs, with everything you need to market Flash Wireless – and more importantly, everything you need to close the sale. Oftentimes, wireless users assume an unlocked phone is the same as a universal phone. This is a common misconception, and I’m here to clear it up for you as simply as possible. Bottom line: Unlocked does not equal universal. Understanding the difference will help you when talking to your potential customers about which device is right for them. So, let’s get started.

Flash Wireless Customers Can Go Full Throttle With 50GB High Speed LTE Data


CONCORD, N.C. (March 20) – Today’s wireless consumers have been forced to become familiar with words like “data deprioritization”, “throttling” and “network congestion” not to mention lots of fine print when it comes to understanding their wireless bill. And the fact is, most plans marketed as “unlimited” are actually anything but. U.S. based Flash Wireless is changing all that with the launch of their new Flash Pro 50 Plan on the Nationwide Sprint 4G LTE Network.

At ACN, if it’s on, you get paid!

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