ACN Vision – It’s So Much More Than What We See With Our Eyes

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Have you ever asked yourself what sets the truly successful apart from those who fall short? The answer to that question is that there isn’t just one answer. Hard-working, committed, motivated – these are all words that come to mind when you think about traits of successful people. But there’s one other trait that people often overlook – one trait that I believe all leaders possess, and certainly it’s one trait that all the top leaders in ACN have. What is it? Vision – with a capital V!

But what is Vision? It’s more than just something we talk about. Vision has to be within us – a part of us. Vision means being able to see the big picture of what’s possible long before the pieces are in place. It’s being able to see the rewards at the end of the race long before you’ve set one foot on the track. It’s a higher level of thinking that all successful people possess. You can’t teach Vision – you either have it or you don’t.

Think about the people who have been around the block a time or two in ACN – leaders like COCs and SVPs Debbie and Geoff Davis and VP of Sales Mike Kane. They’ve literally been with ACN since day one. And long before we had our first Senior Vice President, or even one single success story, long before we had a proven business model, and long before the ACN we know and love today…long before all of that, Debbie, Geoff and Mike had Vision. Just like the other Co-Founders and I, they didn’t just love ACN for what it was – they loved ACN for what they knew it could be.

There’s no denying it’s an exciting time at ACN – we are in the middle of our digital transformation, we just launched our 25th country in Japan and we are primed and ready to start our 25th year of operations in January. But instead of just thinking about what these things mean for your business today, tomorrow or even this year or next. Think about what all of this can mean for your business for years to come. It all comes down to Vision. Remember, ACN started out just offering long distance in one state in one country, and look where we are today. The pioneers in a market get the rewards as long as they have the Vision to see and the tenacity to build.

Do you posses the Vision necessary to be successful in ACN today and for the long term? Do you see ACN more for what it can be in the future than where we are today? Ask any of the Co-Founders, any of the Circle of Champions or Senior Vice Presidents and they will all say the same thing: As great as ACN is today, as far as we’ve come, the best ACN is yet to be.  How do we know? Because we have Vision.

Vision is the ability to see what is invisible to others. So, what do you see in ACN today, tomorrow and in the years to come?  I assure you, it will be an opportunity worth taking!

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