A Foundation Built on Rock Not Sand – Come See ACN for Yourself

ACN World Headquarters

I recently read the following:  A successful person is someone who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.  Take a moment and think about that.  I can’t think of a more appropriate way to describe ACN’s foundation.  In fact, every obstacle, every doubter and every setback we’ve faced over the past 20 years have simply served as the building blocks of our foundation – a foundation that today is rock-solid.  And we’re inviting you inside to take a look…

Have you registered for a tour of ACN’s World Headquarters while you are in town for the Charlotte International Training Event – less than two weeks away?  ACN’s top leaders see the value in bringing groups to visit and tour our offices.  In fact, within just the past couple months alone, leaders like Al Thomas, Mike Bisutti, Orin Solomon, Chanelle Burt, Patrick and Mike Maser, Max Knowles, Shane Gates, Danny Volonino, and James Adlam have hosted groups at our World Headquarters.

Why do you think that is?  Well, it isn’t because they don’t have anything else to do. And it’s not a coincidence that these leaders are among the top people in the company consistently.  In fact, they each know firsthand that visiting our office, showing off the ACN infrastructure and the ACN foundation creates belief like nothing else can and shows the value of this opportunity like nothing else ever will.

Seeing pictures of the building in a magazine or on a video is one thing, but until you’ve seen the building in person – and the hundreds of people working behind the scenes for you every day – then I assure you haven’t seen anything yet.

I look forward to seeing you all in Charlotte.

Until Next Time,

Greg Provenzano

3 thoughts on “A Foundation Built on Rock Not Sand – Come See ACN for Yourself

  1. Shane AndDebbie Gates

    I totally loved this post Mr. Greg… Being with ACN for almost 15 years its a joy to see you and the other Founders still SOOOOO excited about ACNs future. I still get chills every time I come up over the hill on Interstate 85 and see ACN HQ staring me in the face… Proud to be in business with you…. Shane & Debbie Gates

  2. Rene Villeneuve

    My wife and I plan to visit the world headquarters when we visit
    Charlotte this weekend. We are just fledglings in this company and look forward to taking flight with the foundation ACN has set up for us. Greetings from the cold North of Canada, Edmonton, Alberta. Best regards Rene & Lucita Villeneuve

  3. Robert S. Casanzio

    Dear Greg, I have been with ACN for over one year now and am very pleased to be a part of the ACN movement that is right now so much bigger than life itself. I love the opportunities available at my finger tips. I truly believe I can showcase to the world that anything really is possible. Unfortunately due to financial constraints, I am unable to attend this event in Charlotte. Although I cannot be in Charlotte, I know you will be pleased to learn I am working on an ACN expansion project that will launch ACN from already super successful to dominating the commercial and industrial markets of the world. I do hope I can speak with you regarding this expansion in the near future. I believe that if it is meant to be, then we will meet. As of now, I know this event is going to be full of life and energy and I wish only good will to all those present. The energy lives in me just the same. Thanks to Derrick Wilson and his team in Rochester, NY.


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