A Story that Deserves to be Shared

ACN Greg Provenzano

Early Tuesday morning, vendors at bookstores and newsstands around the country began putting out their new inventory for the month, adding the latest versions of magazines covering a variety of topics from business, sports, health and everything in between, to their shelves. It was just another ordinary day for them, but for you – and for everyone at ACN – this was a monumental day. Because among those publications was the latest version of Success from Home Magazine featuring your company, ACN, for all to see.

So what makes this so special? Let me paint a picture for you: You’ve just invited a new prospect to your upcoming PBR. Perhaps they brushed off your “little business” as insignificant. Or maybe they tried to convince you that your company was “fly by night” and wouldn’t be around for the long haul. These conversations occur every day in our business – it’s the nature of what we do. Now imagine later that day that same prospect is at their local newsstand or bookstore only to see your “little, fly by night business” right on the cover of the magazine. I can guarantee they will stop and think twice before telling you no.

See magazines don’t spend money and resources writing about companies that don’t have the strength and stability to back up their story. They don’t dedicate an entire staff to telling a story that isn’t worth telling. And they certainly don’t stock shelves with something that isn’t worth selling – and more importantly worth buying.

There are 128 pages in our issue and approximately 100 are dedicated to ACN – that’s 100 chances for someone to see something that appeals to them, something that pushes them to take the next step and learn more. We are surrounded by people who need to hear about this opportunity, people who are too busy going through the motions of life to realize that life is passing them by. You have an opportunity – no, a responsibility – to show these people how they can go from a life in which they are settling to a life in which they are calling the shots. We have an incredible story to tell and Success from Home Magazine continues to be the number one way to get that story told.

Your company is on the red carpet as we speak, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Wesley McMurray

    Thanks Greg and a Big thanks to Our ACN!! Looking forward to our Next 20 wonderful years together!!


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