How to Build Your ACN Business During the Summer Months

Around the world in 80 days… at least that’s what it feels like anyway.  I can’t remember a spring where I spent more time in the air than I did the first few months of 2012.  It was a whirlwind tour in which I went from Lisbon to Korea to Australia to Hawaii to New Orleans and LA… and back again – returning home just in time for the official start of summer.  And regardless of where I travel, I always get asked the same question over and over this time of year:  “How can I stay motivated and keep my business growing during the summer months?”

For some reason, we are pre-programmed to take the summer off.  I think it goes back to when we were in school, and the summer was a time to be carefree.  School was closed and it was all about having a good time.  As adults, the summer can and should still be a fun and exciting time, but that doesn’t mean your long-term success has to suffer.  So how do you stay motivated in the summer months?  How do you ensure you enter the fall with momentum… instead of with a waterlogged business?  Ironically enough, the tips for staying motivated in your business are very similar to the tips I use to stay motived in my personal fitness regimen throughout the hot, summer months.  Here are a few of my favorites:

#1 – Change your thinking.  It’s “I get to go build my business”, not “I have to go build my business.”  There are so many people out there who would love the opportunity to build their own company within a company.  Think about how fortunate you are to get to spend the summer months focused on ACN, instead of a traditional job.  Remember, ACN is a privilege, not a chore.

#2 – Set a goal.  It doesn’t matter how fast you are moving if you don’t know where you are going.  You absolutely must have a goal.  It’s your Why and it’s your roadmap.  Set small, attainable goals so you can experience some immediate success.  Failure isn’t falling short of your goal; failure is not having a goal to even shoot for.

#3 – Tell someone.  Making your goal and your Why public to those around you makes you accountable.  It’s a lot easier to fail when no one knows what you were shooting for to begin with.

#4 – Train with someone.  A little competition goes a long way.  Set a goal with an ACN teammate and then watch how much more motivated you are to achieve that goal when someone is sweating right along with you.

#5 – Attend boot camp…or a Weekly Training.  ACN’s regional events are fuel for your business.  Besides, even if you don’t need the meeting, the meeting just might need you.

#6 – Positive in, negative out.  Negativity in any form hinders you from reaching your goals.  Replace negative, self-doubting thoughts and people with positive thoughts and people.  You can do this!  You deserve to be successful!

#7 – Reward yourself.  Once you’ve reached your first goal, don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work.  This doesn’t mean take the rest of the summer off.  Instead, take the afternoon off to go to the lake or barbecue with the family.  Meeting small goals means you can enjoy small rewards.  But remember it’s the bigger, long-term goals in ACN that bring the biggest, most priceless rewards.

And lastly, and most importantly…

#8 – Don’t give up… ever!  While you can’t control everything in your life, you can control the choices you make.  You can control your “quit factor.”  Make a choice to change your life and your family’s future and keep taking small steps toward that future no matter what.  There will be challenges; there will be obstacles, but only you can decide to quit on your dreams.

Enjoy the summer months, but don’t let summer be an excuse not to win in ACN.

Until next time…

Greg Provenzano
ACN Inc. President & Co-Founder

47 thoughts on “How to Build Your ACN Business During the Summer Months

  1. Luis R. Vizcarrondo

    I need new direction in my ACN business. I’m looking forward to reading more. I don’t understand why I’m not as successful as I should be but, I’M NOT QUITTING! I want to succeed. Help Wanted….. Thank you, Luis

    1. Odette Moutal

      Hi Luis: You are very successful, You have the key. NOT QUITTING., be patient but, keep working hard that you are not alone. Odette

  2. Chris Stone

    Tremendous advice Mr. Provenzano. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and your leadership! Every time I hear those words, “Don’t Give Up,” I’m reminded of a speech by another great leader and class individual: Mr. Jim Valvano. That is the strongest piece of advice you can give to anyone in this business. Thank you sir!

  3. Marius Stanescu

    Thank you Mr Provenzano! Amazing advice! ACN is indeed a privilege! I love seeing people changing their lives because of ACN!!!! Not only financially! It is a complete, all inclusive personal development and financial freedom package! RVP by Charlotte !!! :))))

  4. Geraldo

    Thank you Mr. Provenzano for keeping us focused on the bigger picture. I appreciate you leadership and grateful for this opportunity.

  5. Louise

    Thanks for this Greg! Great advice! Look forward to someday meeting you! I appreciate the opportunity you the other co-founders have put in front of us and all you give to everyone in ACN who wants to achieve true freedom, like myself. I have never felt so much support and commraderie.

  6. Leonard Shamon

    Thank you Mr. Pro for Keepin Keepin on sir. Even though i am having trouble getting off in my ACN Business I know God will shine through my personal battles and fully focus but as for the words you say. Defined as ” PURELY HONEST ” God bless you and your family sir. Wish you continued success in all aspects of life.

  7. Doug Minko

    It just doesn’t get any better than hearing or reading insights directly from an ACN Co-Founder … This is why Our ACN Int’l Conferences are so Valuable! Today’s message is yet another Timeless Classic of yours that should be re-visited often, especially during summer months! Thank You Mr. Provenzano for guiding this ACN Rocket of Freedom with your Heart while You & our other Co Founders continue to add nitro fuel of incentives to our booster rockets for the Ride of our Lives! T.G.I.F. ~ Thank God Integrative Founders!!!!
    Doug Minko ~ Center Line, Michigan, U.S.A.

  8. Jodi Palmer

    Thank you Mr. Provenzano! We have fabulous leaders in our marketplaces, however, it is always nice to stay connected with the co-founders. You continue to inspire me to change my life and my family as well. I look forward to opening my email for your blogs and staying “connected” with my ACN family! Thank you~J

  9. Ryan Bauer

    Thank you sir 🙂 I just had my first home meeting and had 1 of the 15 people I invited show up. Reading that really helped me brush off my disappointment. I will sleep well tonight 😀

  10. Raquel Naval

    Thank you for your very inspiring and very motivating advice… I really need it. I really admire your leadership in this company..if there is one thing that is unique in this company is the kind of leadership that you have.Thank you so much for all your sacrifices and I am very Blessed that I am part of this company. May God Bless you and your family always!

  11. Céline Bordenave - Spain

    THANK YOU Mr Greg Provenzano for being an example for all IBO in the world, being so close to all IBO with commintment, for protecting every single day the IBO who wants to be ACN the biggest in the world. Without you and the other co-founders, I´ll never could change my life. It´s changing now and I´ll go on to the top. Thank you so much. See you in Cologne. 🙂

  12. Julie Streeter, RD

    Mr. Provenzano,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement and enlightenment in your world of ACN which has been my world for the last 3 years! I love what you have to say always and know that you are also a student of self development and appreciate everything that you have in place in ACN for everyone to WIN! I am thrilled that you have this blog and will promote it to others to get insight from our President and Co-founder! What a privilege ACN is! Thank you for all you do for us!

  13. Sandra Nickson

    Just want to say that it was great to meet & talk with you in Chicago for the Regional last month, I drove up from Southern TN with five of my Team members.
    Set a goal…. Of the points listed above, this one is where I’m falling short. We were blessed to be living our Dream before ACN… I don’t say that to brag, i say that because I am not sure what to shoot for now… My roadmap is missing… I am in the process of trying to set the SMART goals… for some immediate success.
    I look forward to a blog from you on this most important point!!
    “Failure isn’t falling short of your goal; failure is not having a goal to even shoot for.”

  14. Sharmila DeoPaul

    Thank you Mr. Provenzano for your words of encouragement, wisdom and insight. Failure is not an option, fail to achieve is a sin…. in my book. Thank you again and looking forward to reading your blog for more inspiration.

  15. Darlene Kauo

    Thank you so much for your care and concern for us. Your words are always inspiring! I enjoy listening to you at the internationals, thanks for starting this blog too!

  16. Odette Moutal

    Thank you so much. Mr. Provenzano In 8 months I’ve learned what I couldn’t even learn in 46 years and this is only the beginning. I thank God., that this amazing company found me. ” si se puede”

  17. Charles Kamolvathin

    Wonderful words of inspiration. Thank you Mr. Provensano I will definitely apply what I’ve learned here today.

  18. Glenn M.

    Thank you Mr. Provensano. Those words don’t give up…never are such powerful words to live by. I’m glad to be part of the ACN family. Although I am struggling with my business now but I surely will one day succeed and walk across that stage and shake your hand with my family watching me make a difference. Can’t wait for your next blog.

  19. accem1

    My name is Accem Scott from Asheville, NC. My up-line is: Craig Mac.
    I would like to say that this opportunity that we have with ACN is by far the most powerful system for changing consciousness I have ever been a part of.

    The idea of taking the services we already use all the time and in increasing number & creating a business model from that is pure genius.

    When my solar business began to slow down I was coming off a tremendous year. We won minority contractor of the year in Asheville, won a federal grant to put solar on farms across Western North Carolina, spoke and exhibited all over the state. Things were beginning to shine.

    One great year. This year things changed. Everything dried up. The government work, the small business work, the residential. Did I say that I was a single parent for a whole 1 ½ full-time, hands-on.

    How I pulled it off well…you’ll have to read my book. It was hard. I had a few obligations that were so heavy that I didn’t think I could lift them. I did!…but I was broke and busted at the end of the year.

    As I write this letter on June 16, 2012 I have made a decision. The decision is that I need a better way. I’m just naked enough to just break this cycle by taking a huge step…. A step into the unknown.

    I will leave on Tuesday June 19, 2012 with Craig Mac on a circuit that I regularly went on in my healing practice (Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, coaching). As I look at it now I once went on this journey as a healer now I’m bringing an opportunity to get financially healthy.

    What I notice is that this business is for winners. If you have negative thoughts that have always kept you back you’ll always have those negative thoughts. Until you change them. Some people don’t want to change however and I’m not one of them.

    Thank you all for breaking the code of success and making it plan and simple.
    I look forward to greeting family and friends who may not have an opportunity right now and sharing what I have found.
    I look forward to meeting you at the top one day and introducing my views on renewable energy as one of the choices in our host of products. I believe we can be at the head of that wave to.

    Accem Scott



    Solar Farms

    LED Lighting
    LED lighting in a green retro-fit in Morganton, NC.

  20. Mario

    Hi, Mr. Provenzano how are you? my name is Mario Castro! myself and my family would like to thank you for your leadership. I would be so happy if some day you would to stop in Massachuttes give us your great knowledge.

  21. Frederick Arthur

    Thank you Mr. Provenzano for the constant reminder to keep the challenge and the blessing of Acn always before me! I appreciate your leadership and commitment to my success.

  22. Andreas

    Great words of inspiration Mr. Provenzano!
    I am so amazed by your commitment to all the IBOs in ACN.
    Thank you so much for inspiring us to go the extra mile, to push through when obstacles and challenges do appear. Indeed being involved with the right people, like yourself and the other co-founders, is what helps when facing temporary setbacks.

    I see myself in ACN for the rest of my Life!

    Thank you!

  23. Sunny Henry

    What a blessing to have you guys, you all are great Leaders, may God continue to bless you all. ACN is a blessing and i am getting blessed everyday. Thank you Mr Greg for your inspirational words, you and your co-founders are bunch of blessings to ACN family, we love you guys. From Sunny Henry, ACN IBO

  24. Evelyn M. James

    Hello, Mr. Provenzano. I just started this business a few weeks ago, the day I joined in I was so excited and thought I would have been further along then I am today. I do not know what is keeping me back, however, I plan to at least make a few steps forward and see how God blesses me. One of the things that you said that caught my attention is to make goals and stick to them. I really never did that successfully, but I see now I have to so that this business will move along.

  25. John H. Bunch, Jr.

    Mr. Provenzano,
    Greetings, I met you years ago in Fresno, Ca. at TGI Fridays, I’m not where I want to be, however with your encouraging words and the help of Great Leaders like Mr. Orin Solomon, I haven’t quit yet, and I’m determined to make it. God Bless you sir !!

  26. Marissa Loveless

    Mr. Provenzano,
    I know I can be successful with ACN, I just need to attract one more key leader and I’m really determined to make it. Thank you so much for the leadership you put in the company. May God continue to bless you. See you in the future.

  27. Ryan Harper

    Mr. Provenzano,
    We’ve never met but one day I will shake your hand as I walk across the stage as RVP and then SVP. On this journey, I won’t forget my roots. I will be a better husband and father to my children. I will serve more faithfully in my church. I will be more diligent in building my business that I may be free to serve others in the future. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  28. els Kuneman

    being humble means to me sharing everyday some joy and enlightenment, not just to the one’s I love, my children, partner and friends, but everyone I come in contact with during the day. There is no cost in being friendly, its brings joy to every-one, with my respect Els

  29. Sushant Shahi

    Good evening Greg, i have an idea of doing some ACN business in India – Energy, Technologies, Network anything and we could have our own Network and Energy supply there because “there is a lack off Technical upgrades in power plants ”
    we could make it easier for all the people there help them educationally, and let them be a part off ACN.


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