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ACN and Donald J. Trump

As part of ACN’s long-standing relationship with Mr. Donald J. Trump, he has graciously agreed to provide us with a regular inspirational note – prepared exclusively for ACN IBOs.  I don’t have to tell you how incredible this is.  People pay big money to get inside the mind of a billionaire, and now, this valuable insight will be a regular feature on our website.

To be successful you have to be willing to do what successful people do.  There are certain characteristics, certain practices that all successful people share and who better to communicate those than one of the world’s foremost billionaires.  I hope you will enjoy reading his first message below and I’m confident he has some exciting and insightful things in store for us that will be uniquely Trump.

Greg Provenzano

Rely on the Power of the Printed Word

Hello ACN!

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that I am in the media a lot — being in the public eye is a necessary part of what I do.  It’s always refreshing when I can pick and choose the media outlets I appear in — and that was certainly the case with the latest issue of Success from Home Magazine, which features ACN and is available on newsstands right now.

I know from my conversations with the Co-Founders that this magazine is an important tool, but here’s my take on why this magazine could be important to you.

Don’t get me wrong — I love technology.  It’s an important part of our lives today and an important part of helping me grow my own businesses, but there is something to be said about a printed piece — holding it in your hand, flipping its pages.  I still read the paper (several of them actually) every day, and not on my computer but the “old fashioned” way.  I’m a firm believer that a printed piece legitimizes something in a way an email or webpage can’t.  A printed piece often does the talking for you when perhaps you can’t.   Don’t mistake that to mean I condone shyness as an excuse not to get out and talk to people — quite the contrary.  I think using shyness as an excuse to not be successful is a cop-out, but that’s a topic for another day — though we will touch on it here.  Some of the most soft-spoken, seemingly reserved people I know can bring you to tears in a boardroom.  But perhaps you aren’t there yet and that is ok, because this magazine may do more to legitimize your business, more to communicate your company’s values and business model than anything you could ever say.

Get to the newsstand and check out your company, and definitely share this magazine with others.  I’m not just saying that because I’m in it.  If talking about and sharing something you are passionate about isn’t enough to get you outside of your comfort zone, then I don’t know what is.

— Donald Trump

  • Adriano Palmieri

    I think about the same, paper is more “direct” than an electronic file. Thanks for mentoring us Mr.Trump!!!

  • Guy Draper


  • Steven Anthony Millan

    It is an absolute priviledge to receive direct messages from you Mr Trump. I will do what ever it takes to change the legacy of my family. It just so happens that Network Marketing is a very enjoyable and prosperous career. I strongly trust and believe in ACNs principles.

  • Alexander Somerville

    Outstanding!!! Ordering some more right now.

  • Alvin McManus

    Great message, there is something about the tactile pleasure of holding something in print that conveys substance and stability.

  • Stephen michael Chapman

    Thank you Mr Trump.

  • Lara Coombs

    Thank you Mr. Trump for setting the context of why ACN in the Success from Home Magazine is so valuable and important and an essential tool not to be taken for granted! Thank you Co-Founders!!!

  • Kelly Curtin

    Thank you Mr. Donald trump. We appreciate your mentorship emensley. thanks again, Kay and Kelly Curtin – ACN IBO’s

  • Louise Erven

    Thank you Mr. Trump! Well said!

  • Laurie Thomas

    It is just what I need to read, so a very big Thank you!!

  • Alicia Montondon

    Thank you Mr. Trump for your words and taking the time to share them with us. You are very right. People love seeing the magazine in print. It gives that “speaks volumes” reassurance that technology does not always do. Thanks again. I look forward to your future posts!!!

  • Victoria Duffenais

    I love that your doing a blog for us. Very proud that we are in that magazine now for the 8th time. Thank you Mr. Trump and to the cofounders for giving us such an incredible vehicle.

  • Debra Ellis

    Thanks Mr Trump! And Thank you to the Co-founders for being people with vision for everyone and whom are the sort of Gentlemen whom attract the best of the best in so many areas! We are all blessed to have you in our lives

  • michael finn

    Thank you Mr. Trump.
    Great advise and perspective on the importance of all the ACN tools.
    “Everything we could ever want in our life lives on the other side of fear” time to get passionate and get sharing.

  • King Freeman

    Great insight….

  • Daniel

    Thank you Mr Trump for your big thoughts!

  • Tim Hooks Jr.

    I’m very humbled to have you as a part of our organization, Mr. Trump! Thanks for being our mentor!

  • Bruce Danielson

    I just got started in this business and organization 2 weeks ago. I went to Las Vegas’ training and came home on fire. I am amazed at the clarity of it all. I am truly amazed at your endorsement, Mr Trump. Thank you for allowing me to use your powerful name in my presentations. To be honored with your wisdom, is exciting. I hope to meet you one day…

  • Unni Johansen

    I started ACN 3 mnts ago to help my Lyme stricken daughter have an income in the future.What a blessing this business can be for her!
    Your involvement and endorsement Mr. Trump adds credibility and excitement to Network marketing and will have a direst effect on our success!
    We are proud to use your name, thank you so very very much for your involvment.
    God bless!

  • javier Gonzales

    LOVE IT, Thank you Mr Trump and Co- founders. I will be looking forward to your next inspiration notes.

  • Judy Slater

    I love the statement that a printed page “legitimizes” information beyond what email or other electronic communication does. I had never thought of it that way. But, of course, you are a billionaire entrepeneur, and I am not! Thank you for your association with ACN. It certainly “legitimizes” our business, too.
    Judy Slater
    August 11, 2013

  • Olivia Love Worthy

    Thank you, Mr. Trump, for mentoring us – I will definitely be promoting
    this as a benefit of joining ACN! I became an IBO less than two months
    ago, I have never seen a company or opportunity as solid and exciting as
    this in my life, and I’ve been in MLM since 1990! See you all in

  • Olivia Love Worthy

    Thank you, Mr. Trump, for mentoring us – I will definitely be promoting
    this as a benefit of joining ACN! I became an IBO less than two months
    ago, I have never seen a company or opportunity as solid and exciting as
    this is my life, and I’ve been in MLM since 1990! See you all in

  • jeanne cushing

    Mr. Trump I’m blessed to have you as a business partner. You are my inspiration to be a successful independent businesses owner. And to provide my kids with the business tools I’ve learned along the way.


    I have a real appreciation for Mr.Trump’s message. He has what a lot of people want and aspire to be. When a Billionaire talks I tend to listen. He shares experiences that most of us will never realize. When he talks I LISTEN. The ears out number the mouth, be quiet an LISTEN.

  • Josette

    Thanks Mr. Trump, you are an inspiration to us all and we appreciate you and what you do for ACN.

  • Ansie Moolman

    Stunning! What is there not to love or understand about our business?! Just look at WHO we are associated with. Mr Trump, you really are an inspiration! Thank you.

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