Starting the Conversation about Flash Wireless – Part 1

Provided by the Flash Wireless Team

Many of you came to the Flash Booth in Detroit with questions on product positioning.  Flash Wireless pricing plans are now easier to understand and more valuable than ever, not to mention, device selection has expanded rapidly in 2017. Every sale, however, starts with a few well-placed qualifying questions. How do you start and steer the wireless conversation?

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Few customers identify with (or love) their existing carrier. Big carriers have created unsatisfactory experiences for customers: restrictive video resolutions, extended customer wait times and bad store experiences. No one carrier stands out as exceptional. Rather than focusing on the provider, start the conversation about the device with a question like “What type of smartphone do you have? What’s the best/worst thing about it?”

This allows you to identify two important customer characteristics:

  • Data Usage (e.g., the response is “I really like FaceTime – it’s awesome” probably gives you a clue that they have ditched their phone dialer and will likely consume a lot of data), and
  • Upgrade Eligibility (e.g., the response is “it’s a brand new iPhone 8 – I love everything about it,” could indicate that the customer is paying $30/mo. for their device and just started a new lease).

Note: Be prepared for a lengthy response to the above question from telecom dependent smartphone users. These are the folks (20-25% of the total population) who define themselves by their device. Their identity is determined by how they appear and act on social networks, and they will frequently “top out” on their wireless budgets to preserve or enhance their status. Listen carefully, and you will find the seeds for a successful Flash Wireless sale.

  1. Next, ask your customer two additional questions: “What did you use your smartphone for today?” and “If you could change one thing about your current wireless experience, what would it be?”

After asking the above questions, you can make the following suggestions to these responses:

  • For the customer that uses their phone for business and needs connectivity, consider suggesting Flash Yellow or Flash Green with a possible device upgrade.
  • Suggest Flash Green Unlimited for the customer who complains about poor video resolution.
  • For customers that need more iCloud storage, suggest a device upgrade.
  • Do you have a customer that wants clearer stereo sounds? Suggest an unlimited plan with a premium Spotify or Pandora service.
  • And, of course, we can’t forget the customer that wants a bigger screen or uses their device just to play games–for this person, you can suggest a minimal data plan.


Are you ready to start the Flash Wireless conversation? Join us next week for Part 2 of “Starting the Flash Wireless Conversation”.

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