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Hi again from ACN World Headquarters.  A few months ago, we posted an article that outlined the difference between Unlocked and Universal devices.  One of the popular items from that article was our complete list of universal models.

Given the popularity of these devices, we are going to update this list every few months.  The table below shows all of the available (and/or announced) universal devices.  Items in red are either currently on or planned for the Flash Wireless site.

There are several new models that are particularly interesting.  Moto has introduced the E4 and E4 Plus to replace the G4 Play and G4 models.  The E4 Plus upgrades are remarkable, particularly with the battery (5000 mAh – enough for 2 days of heavy use) and camera (13 MP rear/ 5 MP front camera resolutions).   Both the E4 and E4 Plus devices are ready for Flash Green HD Voice.  They also feature a water-repellent coating.

The Essential Phone is a creation of Andy Rubin, the inventor of the Android operating system.  This is a high-end device with 128GB of internal memory.  We received the Model 1 as soon as it came out, gave it to ACN’s CFO to try out, and have not seen it since.  He previously had a Pixel XL and also a Samsung Galaxy S8, and considers the Essential an upgrade to both of these devices.

Finally, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are following the same pattern as the iPhone 7.  iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices that start on AT&T or T-Mobile are not compatible with Flash Yellow or Flash Green.  However, if you purchase a Verizon or Sprint iPhone model (see numbers above), you can take them to Flash Purple with no issues.  If you are uncertain about model compatibility, just remember to ask for the versions that work on Verizon and Sprint.  That device will offer you the most flexibility.

Here’s to making Flash the best-selling brand in 2017!  

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