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Hello ACN!  I’m so pleased to be able to share with you on this platform as a prelude to our time together at your upcoming event in Charlotte next week.  I have to say the ACN crowd is absolutely one of my favorites because of your passion.  Nothing gets people motivated and keeps them moving quite like passion does – and you are one of the most passionate groups I have ever had the privilege of working with. 

Prior to speaking in front of a group, I spend a great deal of time crafting my message – asking myself how I can add the most value.  We’ve all heard the saying, “Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.”  During our time together I will challenge you to think differently, to realize that by taking some intentional steps, you can instead live a life in which “Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn”.

First of all, I don’t believe in failure.  It’s not a concept I allow into my life.  Instead I believe that there are successes and there are setbacks – there is nothing else.  Failure only happens when you quit.  Certainly we strive for success in every situation.  Success is fun; success feels good.  But what happens when we stumble?  The majority of people quit.  After all, what choice do they have?  Most of us are programmed early on to believe that if we aren’t good at something, we should stop doing it.  There is another choice: You can choose to learn from the setback.  In fact, it’s through the setbacks that we can learn the most priceless lessons – and that’s what sets the exceptional apart from the average.

I can assure you if you aren’t ever outside of your comfort zone, then you aren’t really learning and growing.  It’s my hope that after our time together in Charlotte you will have the tools you need to prepare for success – but more importantly the tools to prepare to handle the setbacks and become a better, stronger (and ultimately more successful) person in the process.

Your life is now in session.  You can either be present or you can be absent.  If you’re making a decision to be present, then I look forward to seeing you in Charlotte.

John Maxwell

4 thoughts on “A Personal ACN Message from John C. Maxwell

  1. Terri Matton

    Mr Maxwell,
    I am grateful for the lessons I have learned from the books you have written thus far.
    I have read them over and over again especially Failing Forward. I am looking forward to learning so much more in Charlotte next week. Thank you for taking time to create such a valuable training for all of us at ACN. If people decide not to attend they will be missing out on what I am sure will be one of the greatest trainings we have had the privilege of hearing. So excited for all of us!!!

  2. Mindy North

    You were the guest speaker at my first ACN convention 1 year ago. You have inspired me beyond what you will ever know and I thank you for that. You put me in the right mindset right from the beginning of my new career an ACN IBO. I can’t wait to absorb every word you offer in Charlotte and I will be very present!. I love listening to your audio books as I am traveling to ACN PBRs. They give me strength. You are an amazing inspiration and I am a huge John Maxwell fan!

  3. Dorothy Cabral

    I look forward to learning from the best! Thank you ACN for giving your IBO’s the opportunity to excel as a business owner when this county is in such financial distress! See you in Charlotte!
    Dorothy Cabral IBO


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