Who needs more income? Who doesn’t!

ACN Art Napolitano

If you plan to send your kids to college and don’t want to put them in terrible debt, then you have to read this.  A news report on NBC-TV TODAY says that parents of a newborn in the U.S. would have to save $463 a month for 18 years at a modest 6% inflation rate to pay for a public college education and $1,024 a month for a private college.  These numbers are per child!  The average room, board, books and tuition is $17,860 a year for a public college and $39,518 a year for a private college.

Thankfully, I got started in network marketing many years ago and created a fund that will fully pay my 2 children’s college costs, leaving them no debt when they graduate.  That’s all thanks to the power of network marketing and residual income from ACN. Vision, Choices and Action is the difference!

Art Napolitano

Success as an ACN Independent Business Owner (IBO) is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individual’s specific efforts. Not all ACN IBOs make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as an ACN IBO. 

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  2. jeanne cushing

    Hey art, you truly are an inspiration to me because I knew you before ACN. And I’m so very proud of your success and you make me want to strive to be better everyday. Thank you for that.


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