When Attitude is Everything at ACN

ACN Success 101

Think back to your first day as an IBO, whether it was yesterday or years ago.  Think about the emotions you were feeling – probably excitement and hope but probably some uncertainly, doubt or fear too.  These are all normal emotions when you are starting anything new, especially a business.  We know for a fact that an IBO’s first 30 days are the most crucial, but also most vulnerable, because many new people lack the confidence and belief in themselves and their ability to be successful in ACN.  But it’s not just new people.  Everyone has bad days…even weeks or months…times you want to quit, when you lack confidence to get to the next step.

That’s why we put so much emphasis on personal growth – on helping you grow from the inside out.  We want you to be successful, but we want you to become better, more confident people in the process.  Being successful has more to do with your attitude than anything else.  We created the new Success 101 program in hopes of providing IBOs with the excitement, belief and attitude of a leader regardless of where you are in your personal journey.

As part of the YBA subscription, Success 101 was developed by Darren Hardy and provides daily trainings – small doses of the content you need to develop the attitude and mindset that successful people have. I’m confident it will knock out any self-doubt or fear that is standing in your way.

You are going to have bad days – that’s all a part of life and business.  But how you respond to those bad days is what will set you apart.  So when you are feeling doubt, turn to your Success 101 program.  Fear?  Success 101.  Uncertainty?  Success 101.  Lack of confidence?  Success 101.  I think you can see where this is going.  There are not many things we can control in life, but our attitude is one of them.   Make a decision that your attitude will help your success – not hinder it.

All the Best,

Tony Cupisz
ACN Co-Founder


6 thoughts on “When Attitude is Everything at ACN

  1. Kim

    Very well said Mr.Cupisz! I got a lot out of the Canadian National Event this past weekend also…..thank you!

  2. K Gonzales

    Can we all agree, ACN opens doors for all of us as we enter a journey that only
    challenges us like nothing before, to be all we are. Sharing our gifts of giving to
    others, supporting each other, never to give up before the miracle happens, as we take up this roller coaster ride never before taken, only to find financial freedom waiting for us and find there is so much more to us then we could ever imagine, the
    gifts are endless? To the owners of ACN, thank you for all the learning, and I welcome
    all the new learning opportunities you create for us to be all we can be. I’ve just started my ACN ride, see you at the top!

  3. Joe

    I have determined to continue my commitment to ACN.
    Many people will benefit from the residual income I will be making. ACN will be a player in the mission field in the Dominican Republic, where I will be going to live in the next 2 months. Thank You ACN for being part of the “Greater Plan”.


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