Aaron and Chanelle Burt – Fully Documented and at the Top of Their Game!

ACN Circle of Champions Members Aaron & Chanelle Burt

Blessed…fortunate…grateful…excited.  It’s a start, but words simply can’t express how we feel about being 2013 Circle of Champions members!  Not to mention, now we are featured in the newest edition of Success from Home Magazine, which has proven to us once again that dreams really do come true.

The Burt family represents possibilities…we’re everyday, average people who’ve worked hard, followed the system, and are now living the life that we deserve – the life we have always dreamed of.  As a former 5th grade school teacher and an engineer in Baltimore City, our dreams were once limited.  Now, as this new magazine hits newsstands around the world, we believe that our story will bring a sense of “realness” to our friends, family, and associates who once questioned the opportunity.  We have been promoting the release as if our lives depended on it!  Not simply because we are in it but because we know first hand what this opportunity can do for people if they take it seriously.  It is our responsibility to show people what is possible, what is happening for countless families and what will continue happening with or without them.  No one around us will ever be able to say they didn’t have a chance, because we make it our mission to show them otherwise.  As we know, documentation beats conversation hands down, and we can now officially say the Burt family is fully documented!

Aaron and Chanelle Burt

2 thoughts on “Aaron and Chanelle Burt – Fully Documented and at the Top of Their Game!

  1. M. Coleman

    Awesome! It’s definitely a blessing to be in business with these two caring, hardworking individuals! Thanks for what you guys do!


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