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SVP Danny Volonino

It’s often said that ACN is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached and I wholeheartedly agree! Three and a half years ago, I found myself dwelling on negative thoughts that were destroying my life. Through a spiritual awakening, my life has been entirely transformed. Since then, it has been a blessing to share with others how positive thoughts and words have changed my life.

In ACN, your “Why” is crucial; it truly determines your passion level toward your business. For some folks, their “Why” is solving a problem, like getting out of debt; for others, it’s a goal, like sending your kids to private school.

As ACN leaders, we must sharpen our skills as problem solvers and dream makers. We strive to lead people to their goals and help people achieve their dreams by becoming “servant leaders”. To become a true leader, we must first be true students. It’s imperative that we work on ourselves first, so that we can then grow into effective mentors.

I challenge you today to gauge your personal development skills! What are you listening to? What are you reading? Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and in order to make the most of today, personal development has to be as prevalent in your life as food and oxygen. I challenge you to take this crucial step toward your personal success!

Today, and every day, I live by a few simple thoughts and I encourage you to do the same: First, live one day at a time. We can overcome any daily obstacle. If you feel overwhelmed with the day, break it down to the hour; break it down to the minute, and you’ll find you can get through it. Remember the impact of attitude on life. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. You can’t control the actions of others; you can only control your reaction to their actions.

Now, ask yourself how you’re going to react to this blog?

I hope you’ll take action.

I want to challenge you today to monitor your thinking and to prevent any self-defeating thoughts from lingering in your mind. Practice a “this too shall pass” mentality, encourage positive thoughts and speak promises over your life. You can become the amazing person you are called to be. It starts today!

Three and a half years ago when personal development began to change my life, I started closing out each strategy session with a positive daily thought. So here’s my thought for today:

Excellence vs. Mediocrity:

Excellence is always part of the answer. Mediocrity is always part of the problem.

Excellence always has a program. Mediocrity always has an excuse.

Excellence says, “Let me do it for you.” Mediocrity says, “That’s not my job.”

Excellence sees an answer to every problem. Mediocrity sees a problem for every answer.

Excellence sees a green near every sand trap. Mediocrity sees two or three sand traps near every green.

Excellence says, “It may be difficult, but it’s possible.” Mediocrity says, “It may be possible, but it’s too difficult.”

Be excellent today,

COC and SVP Danny Volonino

24 thoughts on “ACN and Personal Development

  1. Janine Gundert

    I shall print and post your thought for the day prominently. Your comments will serve as a daily reminder as to why we are all in this incredible business! Thanks so much Mr. Volonino for your inspiration—your passion and commitment shine through!

  2. susan

    Thank you for a wonderful way to start the week. I was at my wits end at a dead-end job which is practically sapping all the energy from me. I woke up today that I was going to quit this energy sapping, unappreciated, slavery of a kind, dead-end JOB. These inspirational words have made me realize what I am missing and not acknowledging. I will not settle for mediocrity but only excellence. Thank you.

  3. Nancy Matthews

    Thank you – this was powerful! I especially love the “Excellence vs. Mediocrity.” We can truly have our heart’s desires and to achieve that must believe it’s possible and take inspired action every day towards those goals.

    Having just left the regional conference in Orlando, I am still pumped and excited about the personal development program with a compensation plan that ACN offers!

    Taking It To the Top!
    Nancy Matthews

  4. Pamela Murray

    What a great and exciting weekend. Thank you so much for everything! My team is very excited and learned a lot through your teachings and all felt the skits were incredible. Nancy Matthews was incredible!

    Thank you for your mentorship and your leadership. We are definitely on the #1 team in the world!


  5. Laura R. Bentley

    Very powerful words to live by. Since my association with you and ACN, I have gained more personal development in areas that I thought I had already developed. Through your motivation and direction, you have made me a better person understanding what my “Why” is and how to achieve my goals. I need to be reminded everyday that persistence and follow through will get me to the end. Thank you for this powerful message. I hope it helps others as it has helped me.

  6. Aaron Burt, ACN Senior Vice President

    I have been extremely fortunate to have personal mentoring from Mr. Volonino. ACN is an amazing opportunity, but the real life ability to work with a legend such as Mr. Volonino has given me the inside track to success. My family is truly indebted to his leadership, training, counseling, and friendship. Mr. Volonino’s teachings have led me to live a life of spiritual, physical, and financial fulfilment. I would like to personally thank him for the time and effort he has spent to help me grow as a man and leader in my business and personal lives.

  7. Karla Blake

    Thank you Mr. Volonino for your for your words of wisdom. I am very thankful for ACN and your leadership. I have grown so much in the past two years, I am so blessed to have your daily encouragement and belief in me! Those are success principles and I thank you for posting. I choose excellence! I am blessed to be on your team! Karla

  8. Chris Gallego

    In quite a bit of a rut right now, and this post shows up at right around the right time. Your words of excellence vs. mediocrity leave a lot to think about and act upon. I have a feeling things are looking up right now and will maintain as long as I keep thinking on the Excellence side. Thanks for the advice and encouragement Mr. Volonino!

  9. Derek, Gladys and Elease Dillard

    It is a priviledge to be plugged into your system for building the business, as well as buildiing the person. When listening to your mentoring phone calls and trainings regarding multiple aspects of this business, we often have them running through our home or car sound system. Consequently, your emphasis and teachings on attitude, goal setting, “Just do it” and “This too shall pass” mentality, allows our teenage children to also be mentored by your motivational/inspirational approach to building this business-which can and are applied as life principles. Our $499.00 has given us an IBO number, a personalized web page hosted and maintained by ACN-but more importantly, it has given us mentorship from one of the most successful team builders in the industry-you are the icing on the cake!. Thank you, from our entire family.

  10. Greg Carter

    Thank you Mr. Volonino for making my return to ACN a good one. I appreciate you taking me under your wing. I’m grateful for you and your mentorship. You redefine the meaning of work ethic and are the true king of “no nonsense” network marketing!

  11. Karla Blake

    Karla Blake :
    Thank you Mr. Volonino for your words of wisdom. I am very thankful for ACN and your leadership. I have grown so much in the past two years, I am so blessed to have your daily encouragement and belief in me! Those are success principles and I thank you for posting. I choose excellence! I am blessed to be on your team! Karla

  12. Lydia Carter

    Thank you Mr. V for working with us to come up with a game plan and for all your support in helping us pay for our dream wedding! TC in 120 days wouldn’t have happened without your guidance! We are very grateful for you!

  13. Lisa Rosati

    I am so grateful to have had your one on one mentoring and constant guidance since my fist day in ACN. You have pushed me thru some very challenging times and believed in me when I had lost all faith in my ability to succeed. This is A precious Gift you have. There are not many people in this world today that give of themselves so generously and without judgement. You are truley one in a Million and I Thank God for you and ACN every single day. You were so right when you told me that my life would change in more ways than I could ever dream for myself. My hopes are that one day I can become half the leader that you are! Lisa Rosati

  14. Don

    I work with mediocrity every day at work with the owner tring to get out of that mind set is hard so im working on getting out by asking God to help ME with my personal development and ACN business

  15. May

    desperate for some help and mentoring from someone like you. Would desperately like to be like you. Any help or guidance and mentoring you can offer would really be appreciated. I want what you have, and I want to be like you.If you can help it would really be appreciated…

  16. Randy Ramos

    My business started to improve as soon as I started listening to Mr. Volonino and following his mentorship. He has the experience, knowledge and care that qualifies him to help others.
    I can say that when I apply what he says I get results. Thanks for the quote on excellence I can really use it. Randy Ramos

  17. Debbie Davis, COC SVP

    Danny, WONDERFUL words and I’m grateful to know that you truly live by them. No one has been more blessed by you than Geoff and me. No one could be more proud of you, knowing where you started all those years ago. You are a remarkable example of conscious and deliberate transformation. Thanks for your words to live by. You continue to be a tremendous inspiration to us and to everyone. xo

  18. Nicole

    Your testimony is such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your conviction that ACN is a true blessing in your life and in how it can change so many lives!


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